Mom, Winemaker, Bon Viveur

This picture is the story of my life this month. My kitchen has been taking over by various blending and fining trials. In the background you see the chores chart, which is actually rarely referred to and is really just a testament to my fervent attempts to get my pre teen and teenage boys to contribute to our little household. Most days seem to be a blur of juggling the various parts of my world: winemaking, running a small business, and mothering two very bright and active young men.

This month I blended and bottled the 2017 Jezebel Blanc. That wine will be released in April. The flavor profile is consistent with previous vintages but it has a wee bit less sweetness than usual. It's still aromatic and fruity but I think it'll work with a wider variety of foods. I also blended a sparkling version of the Jezebel Blanc. It's mostly dry, and has more Pinot Gris in it than the regular Blanc. Expect to see that out in May.

I had my first sales trip of the year this month too: to Georgia, one of my favorite states to visit. I attended a benefit dinner at Elizabeth's on 37th in Savannah and was able to see a stunning sand mandala that some Buddhist monks had created for the event. Six monks worked non stop for three days to create a work of art on a table with colored sand, just to wipe it away the day after the dinner. I love the idea that we should enjoy the present and embrace change as it happens. It's something that has helped me ride the wild waves of the last few years.