We need more wine!

Willful Wines, the Winepress Northwest "Oregon Winery to Watch in 2017" is doing well.  So well, in fact, that we need to make more wine.  I'm expanding pinot noir production this year and adding new varietals - varietals that I've made before and am re-visiting. I'll be making Tempranillo from Delfino again, Rogue Valley Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon from both WA and OR. I'll also be making a fun prosecco style white wine. I can't say too much yet, but it looks very likely that I'll finally be opening a tasting room at the beginning of 2018, which is part of why I'm expanding production this year. We need more wine!

Offer 1 - Invest

There are two ways you could invest. The first is similar to an offer that I put out in 2015 when I increase production. You invest $5000 (or multiples of it if you feel so inclined). You receive $5500 in return on December 31st 2018 (that's a rate of about 7% per annum). You receive a case of 2015 Willful Winemaker Cuvee Pinot Noir (a $540 value), and you receive a case of the 2017 Winemaker Cuvee Pinot Noir as soon as it's released (likely to be at the beginning of 2019). You get something to drink now, and you get a case of the best wine from the vintage that you invested in. During the period of your investment, you get all of the benefits of being a wine club member, including 20% discount on all wine purchased directly from the web site (either in person or via the web site), free tastings at the soon to be open tasting room, and and free admittance to all club events.

So... you get 7% interest p.a., wine club benefits, and over $1000 of wine. If you're interested, email me at pam@willfulwine.com and I'll send you a brief contract to sign. As soon as I get that back with a check, I'll ship you your first case of wine.


Offer 2 - Buy your own barrel

If two cases isn't enough, and you have a hankering to have something with your name on it, consider buying a barrel. You can choose your varietal, help sort the grapes when they come in, come and taste it any time by appointment, and be there when we finally put it in bottles. One barrel yields around 25 cases so this option might be good if you get a group of friends together, or if you have a business and want a personalized wine for corporate gifts? We can put your customized label on it and you'll have something to share that will last longer than a fruit basket. $10,000 buys you 25 cases of finished wine of your choosing from the 2017 vintage. Whichever varietal you choose, it will be meticulously crafted, the very best quality that we have to offer from this harvest. And of course... you can take all the selfies you like when you're sorting the grapes or tasting it.